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Turning ESG Intentions into Action

“Look, the most important thing for you to do is just get started…Take action now.” is what Kathleen McLaughlin (Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer) cites as the takeaway point from third party assessments regarding Walmart's sustainability planning, according to Fortune's article on ‘Turning ESG intentions into action’. The overreaching ideas of this summary article of Fortune's Impact Initiative Summit align perfectly with the #REESGEU: ESG Investment Europe conference last week, where a repeated message was ‘Don’t wait for perfect data to get started - get started now’.

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AACSB AI and Analytics Conference

Getting excited to present "A Case Study for a Startup Navigating Tensions at the Intersection of AI&ESG" with Mark Abbott, at #AACSB's AI and Analytics Conference next week! There's still time to register for this unique conference that digs into topics at the confluence of #AI#education, and #business."

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Bruno & Eric joins ESG.AI BOD

ESG.AI Technologies is pleased to announce Bruno Baillavoine and Eric Baum have joined our Board of Directors! Bruno has an extensive 40 year background in executive management with diverse industries ranging from financial consulting, manufacturing, health care, sports, biotechnology, clean energy, and food and beverage. Eric brings over 20 years of experience in advising executive leadership teams for both well-established Fortune 50 companies and emerging ventures across a spectrum of industries and guides companies in areas such as corporate strategy, market positioning, growth and scale strategies, trajectory management, partnering frameworks, and risk evaluation.

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ESG Investment Europe 2022

Less than 2 weeks to Reuters Events | ESG Investment Europe London, UK! Come join ESG.AI Technologies and 300+ European leaders from Industry, Investment, and Policy to discuss practical solutions and purpose-driven strategies on Nov 22& 23. 

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Melanie speaks at the University of Calgary

We are excited to share that our ESG Analyst, Melanie Issett, was invited back to be a Guest Speaker for the second offering of the University of Calgary’s Executive Certificate in ESG Management! This week she facilitated another great session on ESG data and ratings management. Congratulations Melanie on co-delivering another successful course!

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Stuart Kirk: ESG must be split in two

Food for thought - have you read the ESG Opinion piece "ESG must be split in two" written by Stuart Kirk, former Head of Responsible Investment at HSBC? Krik states that ESG is playing two entangled roles - risk assessment and ethicalness - that need to be teased apart if ESG is to effectively support understanding, transparency, and standardization. Read the full article at:

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