Talking about ESG Ratings

Recent events have fueled several debates around what ESG ratings are designed to measure and how well they do it. Read ESG.AI Technologies’ overview of “Do we speak the same language? A market survey on the future of ESG ratings” by Jakob Thomä at the 2° Investing Initiative to learn about what different stakeholders are saying!



As the capital markets shift quickly towards incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, questions are arising in the ESG space that require further investigation. Why do ESG rating agencies arrive at different ESG scores for the same company? How do companies, investors, and consultants make sense of the differences in ESG scores? How can companies improve their ESG scores?


University of Calgary’s ESG Management Executive Presentation

Our ESG Analyst, Melanie Issett, facilitated an interactive session on ESG data and ratings management at the University of Calgary’s ESG Management Executive Certificate. Participants gained insights into the ESG data ecosystem, ESG rating methodologies, and how organizations can navigate and embed ESG standards and frameworks in their organizations. Congratulations on a successful session Melanie!

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